Read a book Day

On the occasion such as ‘Read a book Day’ you may find yourself at any place; being busy at work, have a play day with kids, take a small trip etc. But in the end of day or small break from daily routine that you have by long drive or probably just reading a book near sea shore. Every single person needs that break from everyday scrolling and using electronic. We all are very aware that human’s affiliation to books dates to the few centuries earlier with thousands of people collecting and sharing their ideas and experiences. This relation between human and book as old as it is can never be forgotten.

Always expanding one’s horizons, reliving the actual atmosphere of something you went through in a book must be an extraordinary feeling. In case the road takes you to Istanbul at any point and if you are or even were a bit curious or passionate about the stories of unbeatable sultans, fairy castles, glorious Ottoman architecture or the Bosphorus itself your eyes and soul will meet up with the part of you lost in that particular book that firstly took you there and why not to experience the best of the trip at the same time? Whether you are in mood for long Bosphorus tour at the daylight or you are more a fan of midnight Tour or memorable sunsets near Princess Island you may consider using the service of  Yalıkızı Luxury yacht services , the best choice to relive your imagination. As from first hand, one of the best ways to catch a glimpse on all famous historical landmarks is definitely from the top of the boat in the sea.

Read a book Day 0
Read a book Day 1

Read a Book Day is maybe one of the perfect days in the year to simply grab a book in the hands and get lost in some new content. For some reading is a sort of relaxation method, some on the other hand find a new friend in each read book and certain amount of consistent readers and the true booklovers keep it as compulsory daily habit. There are people who enjoy encouraging others to read, the ones who take their books to every holiday and for them at least this day is small gesture towards showing appreciation and respect to books.

In the end for anybody who is taking a long flight or perhaps staying on seaside in these last summer days in Istanbul, be a part of yalıkızı luxury yacht service and make your tour more interesting with the beauty and a glass of wine or a refreshing cocktail.

matter of  how to combine two goods and how to take advantage of every moment. May your 6th September be spent well, filled with the words and lines that will enlighten you and those around you.

Some  suggestion of books we would like you to read.

1. Istanbul: Memories and the City – Orhan Pamuk

2. The Bastard of Istanbul – Elif Şafak

3. Strolling Through Istanbul: the Classic Guide to the City- Hilary Sumner-Boyd and John Freely

4. The Museum of Innocence- Orhan Pamuk

5. Istanbul: the Imperial City- John Freely

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